I just wondered what the general consensus is on the best, most reliable and noise free patch cables for a pedalboard. I use the 1Spot power supply to power my 7 pedals :-

Colorsound Fuzz Wah
Behringer Preamp PB100
Boss TU 2
Boss CH1
Ibanez FL9
Behringer PH9
Boss NS2

Into a Marshall TSL 122 Combo

Go to ebay. Buy the Planetwaves 3 pack for whatever the cheapest price is. Something like $9 - solid brand/company and molded right angles. Best price/value patches I've found.
Thanks very much for your advice. I've just ordered some for £10 per 3 pack incl postage!
I would have suggested making your own - Lava make decent solder-free gear.
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Yes I have looked at Lava, but at the moment they're well outside my budget, but thanks for the suggestion.
doesnt plaet waves or livewire or something have the do it yourself solderless kits? most of those style are expensive though.

another thing i was thinking about as buying GFS pathc cables, more specifically the direct coupling, no cable links. basically its a single metal peice about 1 inch long with a jack on either end.

providied the metal is of decent quality and you have 2 or more of the same pedal, they would A reduce cable lnth in your chain, and B mak your pedal board more compact

for example - 2 boss pedals next to each other could use one, and the boss and another pedal with th same hiegh of input jack could use another. know what i mean? because there is nmo cable, there is no flexibility. so the jacks on your pedals need to be similarly positioned.