Ok, so I've been looking around for a cab to go with my Ashdown MAG 600 for several months now. In the meantime, I've been using Fender Bassman 410 and 115. Soundwise, they do just fine. But 1) They weigh about 65 and 55 lbs respectively; 2) They're not technically mine, but are on indefinite loan. Now, I do love the classic 115/410 setup. My sound just has so much breadth to it. However, I play a LOT of shows, and a lot of those are out of town. Car space and my physical sanity just can't take all that cab for much longer.

Then I learned of this: http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/Bass/Bass-Amplifiers-Effects/Bass-Amplifiers/Bass-Amp-Cabinets/212MBE-600W-2x12-Ultra-Light-Bass-Speaker-Cabinet-with-Horn.site1sku423666000000000.sku

-212, which I've been told is a great substitute for 410/115.
-600W, perfect fit for my head.
-34 freaking pounds, which is a picnic to schlep.
-$400, which is NOT unreasonable.
-GK, which always makes great products.

Have I found the Holy Grail-lien Krueger?

See though, I haven't been able to find one of these to try it in person. So I offer this thread to you, O Bass Forum, in hopes that someone has had some experience and formed an opinion on this cab. Or, failing that, has some alternate cab suggestions for me.

Ready? Go.
Les Claypool
Geddy Lee
Robert DeLeo


...Coincidence? I think not.
Just putting this back up the way since I am also interested if anyone has played this cab.

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