Hi there, forum noob here.

So I've been playing drums or 6 or so years, and guitar for a little over 2 years, and I've decided I want to record my own stuff, on guitar that is.

I'm looking to buy EzDrummer (+Drumkit From Hell, both cheaper on Amazon) a POD X3 and my good friend can provide me with Cubase 5.

I'm kinda new to this, and have little experience (read: audacity) with such things as Cubase apart from lessons from my friend, who is a Cubase prodigy. However, I'm not stupid and I think I'll be able to pick it up pretty quick. Being a drummer, EzDrummer should be fine and the basics of Cubase seem fairly straight forward.

The only piece of hard/software I'm a little unsure of is the POD X3. It looks like it's generally the best thing, the POD 2.0 looks good too (and much cheaper) but the X3 just does.... Everything x1000.

So this is my concern. Am I in over my head here? Am I aiming too high? I have the ambition and time to invest and I want to learn. Money isn't tooooo much of a problem, I'm certainly willing to invest, (£117 Ez drummer+DFH + £280 for the X3) as long as I'm getting the best thing for the job.

Any words of advice would be appreciated, cheers.
i don't know about the pod... i think maybe a better bet would be getting a tone port UX1, and perhaps even using some VST ampsim because those can sometimes sound really really damn good. if you really want to get into recording and experiment with stuff, i highly recommend recording with amps, although thats an expensive alternative, and it would in most cases only be good with a good tube amp.

there are many choices as to which you can do, but in the end having a great sounding recording comes down to technique which is learned in time.

btw i think you should give reaper a shot, easiest to use DAW and it is amazing and comes with a lot of great VST's (eq, compression, etc)

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i would suggest going with a UX2. that way you can mic your amp (do you have an amp that's worth anything?) and have phantom power if you need it in the future. you can also go direct and use POD Farm if you want the ease that offers. for recording you really dont need a whole lot of the fancy features that you would perhaps need in a live setting. most effects are added after the recording anyway.

for about $100 less, you can get a UX2 and an SM57 and have the option of miking an amp (or voice) or using POD Farm. that right there is a very solid setup for a beginning home recordist. perhaps with the money saved you can start saving up for some monitors?

that ambition and time will help a lot. it takes time and patience to learn all the ins and outs and to experiment to find what works best for you or to find new things. it's all worth it in the end. best of luck to you sir and happy recordings.
EZdrummer is poop, save your money and sample drums instead. Use Reaper, Cubase is pretty confusing, and personally, I just didn't think it was very processor efficient.

If all you want is drums and guitar, I'd just buy a cheap interface and use amp sims, cause honestly, you're likely to get a better sound out of them than your amp unless it's relatively high-end. I recommend the Lexicon Alpha or Lambda (if you think you'll ever get a condensor mic and need phantom power) for an interface. Both are cheap, easily under $100 used.

Sampling drums takes some practice, but you can make them sound a lot more natural and human than EZDrummer, plus you have a ton more options, as there are millions of great free drum samples out there. I have EZDrummer with DFH, and I never even use it anymore. I have a REALLY rough sample up on my profile using an amp sim and sampling drums. It was done in about fifteen minutes with relatively no EQing and mixing. And the playing is shit, but it'll get you an idea of what type of sound you can get.