Hello, so I'm pretty new to drums, and I'm having some problems controlling the bass from my hands, so I'm looking at limb independence exercises, but I can't find any good ones. Does anyone know any good limb independence exercises?

^Don't just send him to Google, if there was a FAQ in the forum on something like this then a link to that would make sense, but there isn't, so...

TS, check this out: http://freedrumlessons.com/drum-lessons/bass-drum-independence.php

What you want to be doing to supplement this is just practicing playing 'limb to limb' exercises, and what that entails is pretty much just right hand followed by right foot, etc.

Also, if you're interested in buying any educational books then I would strongly recommend 4 Way Coordination by Marvin Dahlgren.
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I checked out the video, I made it to exercise #4 and it seems to work very well.

Thank you.
Here is what I used to do

tap 8th notes with one hand
tap quarter notes with the other hand
tap half notes with one foot
tap whole notes with the other foot

This puts you doing 4 separate consistent rhythms simultaneously which is a good way to get that initial coordination down.

Once you can do that start changing it up so perhaps you are doing quarter notes with one of your feet. Switch "on the fly" without pausing to think about how you are going to change the rhythms and it helps you get comfortable doing different things with different limbs.

Finally when you have that down start doing triplets with one hand and eighth notes with the other. This is very difficult in the beginning but gets pretty easy once you get the feel. When you can do eighths and triplets at the same time then start mixing in quarters and halfs with your feet. After that start mixing it up.

These exercises helped me to do all the strange independant rhythems needed for things like jazz and old school blues.
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