is a super switch required for this wiring diagram?

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i currently have a hss squier strat bullet that i just bought a bridge pickup for. i planned on moving the stock bridge pickup to the neck and using this diagram.
Its actually way easier than it seems... they make Humbuckers that fit in a singlecoil space... something like this... http://www.guitarcenter.com/DiMarzio-DP189-Tone-Zone-S-Strat-Humbucker-Pickup-H72295-i1829568.gc they call them single buckers or twinbuckers sometimes

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Yes, that is a superswitch (if that's your question)

Yes, you need one if you want that functionality (if that's your question)

No, you don't need one just to do HSH and don't mind regular functionality (if that's your question)
I already bought the new bridge humbucker and have it along with a new pickguard routed HSH. I dont really use the middle pickup position so when I saw this diagram with the 3rd position being both the bridge and neck humbuckers and 2 and 4 being coil-split with the middle pickup I thought it would work out great. But ny issue is whether or not I would need to by a super switch to use this diagram.
Thanks jetwash. i guess for now i'll use one of these two wiring diagrams and order a superswitch in the meantime.


any suggestions on which will work better?
The only difference is one uses 2 tones and the other uses 1 tone. Many will argue, but I say that unless you're using a tube amp, you probably won't notice much difference with the tone controls on a Bullet anyway.

So if you decide to go with one tone control, then you can install a laser from a Blueray DVD burner on the headstock and use the otherwise unused control to dial it up to balloon popping wattages or down for safe use without protective goggles.

...Or not.
BTW I got my superswich for my Squier Affinity from StewMac.com. I had to dig about 3/8th of an inch of wood out of the control cavity with a Dremel tool to get it to fit in there.

I used mine to wire it for a HH config, emulating the Fender Deluxe Stealth S-1 switching system, but with 2 volumes and 2 tone controls so I can use the superswitch like a kill switch. I used .047 capicitors instead of .022 so you can actually hear the difference when you turn the knob, even on my crappiest solid state amp.

The Fender S-1 swithching gives me options like coil splitting, series, parallel, etc.

I also had to dig some wood out of the neck pickup route to get the pickup to fit far away enough from the strings. No big deal. And dig some more in the control cavity to fit the stealth switch (4PDT mounted to the volume pot).

Hope your new pick guard fits the Bullet--I had to have my guard custom made by sending in the original. That, one of the pickups, the knobs, the pots/superswitch, and the locking tuners cost double what the guitar cost.

Good luck and have fun with it.
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Didn't work out exactly like I planned. Unlike my friends squier strat which I had assumed mine would be routed like (bad move on my part) mine is actually routed HSS instead of HSH. So I ended up with a nearly useless pickguard (fit well besides 2 or 3 holes) and my original pickguard wont fit my new bridge pickup which is slightly larger than the hole. So tomorrow i'll probably go back to my original pickguard after I use a dremel to open up the hole for the bridge pickup in it a little.


...yes...that's tape covering where the neck humbucker would've been lol.
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...yes...that's tape covering where the neck humbucker would've been lol.

Ummm--if you have a Dremel then why don't you use it to make room for the bucker in the bridge? I had to do that with my Affinity... It was worth it.