Well my Behringer looks like its coming to its demise soon. The last few days after turning it on and playing for maybe 2 or 3 minutes, I start getting pretty bad feedback and whining sound that sounds like a baby is trying to break its way out of my speaker. Shame right words cant express how said i am the piece of crap is breaking. Anyways I'm looking to get something between $150 and $300, I'm willing to go used but my local Craigslist rarely has much bass gear. I was looking for a combo, nice and clear, for home practice use and small jam sessions, possibly some home recording. I was thinking either an Acoustic B100 or an Ampeg combo? I've never had to amp shop before so some reccomendations would be nice I'll be hitting the music stores tomorrow afternoon probably

An Ampeg in that price range wouldn't be a good choice, they low-end one's aren't really worth looking at.

An acoustic would probably be a good choice, I'd look around used too, just inc ase you can get something nice.
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My first suggestion would be don't get a Behringer.

My second suggestion would be to check out the forum FAQs.
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