Haven't heard the original but I like this one. I don't like the 2nd voice as much as I like the first one that's lower. Mix sounds good. Do you have a pop filter? I heard a "P" that was too loud.
Same thing
haven't heard the original

But this sounds pretty cool dude

I'd add a second guitar to get a thicker sound though
I do not have a pop filter Lateralus, although i'm really not sure what one is. I appreciate the critique, I was questioning the second voice as well. E.S. i could look look into that, I do believe the band uses two guitars as well. I'll mess around with it today and see what can happen!
Thanks i'll look into all of that, and yeah it's a very old Epiphone ED-100 i'm 17 and the guitar is about 30 years old, my sister got it when she was young so it was handed down to me, so hey free is me aha, but I am trying to get a new acoustic soon, or start recording through acoustic pickups, i heard that would also improve the sound. Thanks everyone!
I think the guitar should keep playing rather than stop while changing chords, also the lyrics are "i left my heart with my phone in my center console"
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