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Taylor GS Mini
2 33%
Taylor 110 Dreadnought
4 67%
Voters: 6.
So I'm looking for a good acoustic guitar, something that will last me. The two I have found that have cought my eye are the Taylor GS Mini and the Taylor 110 dreadnought. Does anybody know anything about these guitars? I want something that is unique and fun to play. I play rock, and metal. Stuff that ranges from black sabbath, red hot chili peppers, ozzy osbourne, white stripes, etc. Are these guitars good? If you have another suggestion then just make sure it is under 700.

Edit: Exactly how small is the GS Mini? Will it still be comftorable to play? I don't want like a kids sized guitar or something.

GS Mini:

110 Dreadnought:
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I have the GS Mini. To me it was a no brainer. The 110 never even got a consideration as it didnt sound as good as the models above it. My main reason for the GS Mini was how nice it sounds, being a GS shape in a smaller package. Do not let the size fool you. If you didnt have a full size dreadnought next to it, you would not notice much. It has a full size sound hole, and already pre-setup for the electronics (ES-Go). I have not installed the pickup yet, im ok with it the way it is. Now it does feel a bit smaller and playability is amazing as are most Taylors. Its something i can have laying around my studio (apt not music space) as well as portable for me to take around to the park. Either way, i do suggest you keep your acoustics in a temp controlled space.

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the gs mini isn't quite as small as the baby taylor, and it's also deeper. i suggest you try one in person or find pics and videos of adults playing them. it is not a full sized guitar.

i'm curious why you're not considering the 114 - it falls closer to the dread in size but not quite as big while maintaining a full sized guitar size.

taylors are bright. i don't associate the music you list with a bright sound. i'd suggest a blueridge br-140 or br-143 or a guild GAD-25, which are great sounding guitars, and unlike the taylors, which are solid top but laminate back and sides, these are all solid wood, which means better sound. they're also gloss finish, unlike the taylors.



or you might look into an epiphone masterbilt - also all solid, and several styles to choose from in your price range.
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I bought a GS Mini a couple of months ago and I love it. However... I bought it primarily because of the size (and that it sounded good at that size); I have ancient, achy shoulders and I needed a small-bodied guitar.
I also play a lot of fingerstyle and this instrument is well-suited.
Picking between a small bodied instrument like this and a larger dreadnaught would depend on what sound you're looking for and what sort of music you were planning to play.

A big dread is great for county/bluegrass stuff where you want a powerful bass; indeed that's the "expected" sound for that sort of playing.
A lot of fingerstyle guys like the more balanced tone of smaller bodies.