Hey guys,

So the time has come to look for a new guitar amp. I play both guitar and keys and I've only ever played keys in a band so my Line 6 Spider II has sufficed for my guitar needs.

Now that I'm playing guitar in a new band, I'm definitely due for an upgrade.

Budget: I'm thinking no more then $1600 US but there's still some wiggle room

Genre: The two bands that I get my style from are Muse (90%) and Wolfmother (10%). I'd lean towards muse when it comes to gain and stuff.

New or Used?: I have bought plenty of used gear before so I have no problem with used

Home or Gig: Definitely going to be both. If I decide to go with a half stack config and it ends up being too loud I can practice with the Line 6 but I'd like something with enough power to be able to do medium sized gigs. I don't want to have to buy another amp for a while.

Closest City: I live in London, Ontario which is about 2 hours from Toronto.

Current Gear: Godin Velocity, Line 6 Spider II 30w (I think)

Boss DS-1
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Digitech Whammy
Boss DD-7

One thing I need to mention is that as I'm into Muse, I'm very pedal oriented Also, I really like doing stuff with cleans so I'd like some nice cleans.

Now keep in mind I don't know very much about tube amps. I've only ever played 1 which was a Traynor YCV (not sure about the wattage) and I thought it was really awesome but I don't know how well it takes pedals ect.

Any input would be awesome guys!
While I know Matt Bellamy has a lot of amps the one I tend to associate with him is the Diesel VH4, which is quite a ways above your budget and won't give you the cleans tones I think you'd want.

I don't play a lot of high/medium gain sets so keep in mind I'm probably not the best person to take a recommendation from, but I would suggest you try out a blue stripped Mesa Boogie Mark III as the Mark series is fairly versatile.

Of all the Marks I've tried I've enjoyed the Mark III the most because I think it has a fairly useable clean channel, and a blue stripped Mark III has a bit more pre-amp gain in my experience.

Maybe also consider a Mesa F series as they have a pretty nice clean channel as well as the gain you might want.

Both of these should be well below your budget.

Depending on how the mesa prices are in Canada (i believe they're the same as in the states?), grab a used Mesa mark IV. Great amp. Try this first, it'll do everything you want pretty spot on.

Or if you really can, grab an Engl ritchie blackmore used. They are great for that kind of stuff too.
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