Here is a song i did for my band. Logic pro, SD2.0, Amplitube for guitar/bass sounds.
Yes the vocals are ssssibilant.
Suggestions on mixing, recording, ect please!

Listen here!

Moar here!
schecter tempest custom> bkp coldsweats> decimator g-string> eh blaclfinger tube comp> mxr 10band eq>sonic max>vox valvetronix ad100 head>vox 4x12
A tiny bit too much on the higher frequencies. and oh god the sibilance! Cut that shit out! Other than that I think it sounds awesome.
Sounds way too thin, imo. Almost like the master is high passed. Level wise, everything sound great, the whole mix is just lacking low end and punch, especially the guitars and kick. Fix that up and this'll be solid!
Hey man, besides the things above I thought it was good. I would add some more bass turn the highs down a little, and you'll be good to go! The song was good by the way, Im not a big fan of that style of music, but you guys pull it off very well and make it listenable! C4C?