Hi. Im starting to build a pretty big pedal board so i can play some post rock and other instrumental and cool music. Problem is that i want to go from verses that have flangers,phasers,reverb,delays to distortion. this is kind of a problem as i have to turn off four stomp boxes before i hit the distortion on. and it sounds pretty disjointed. Someone told me that with rack effects i could set everything to one button? but i really like my stomp boxes and racks seem expensives.

Does anyone know of a way to set up the stomp boxes like a rack so a couple of buttons control several things? not sure if i explained what i wanted clearly lol.

also to power the pedals im thinking of getting a daisy chain which is pretty cheap but would it have any negative side effects cause i noticed a vodoo power lab is pretty popular so is it better? big price difference lol

just any overal tips for building this board would be nice
thank you
I think what you're looking for is something along these lines:


You can put each pedal in a loop and turn each loop on/off. You can make up to 8 presets with whichever pedals you may want on or off.

I hope this helps!