looking for a tube amp for blues and metal preferably low wattage. im upgrading from a 75w vypyr someone said was awesome which is just to much for me. a friend has a blues jr and it sounds great except i play blues and metal so would it be fine to just pedal up the blues jr. or some other tube amp. im also a poor college student so price is a factor otherwise id just get two amps.
you can throw a pedal or two in front of the Blues Jr. and you'd get a tolerable metal tone.
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vox night train

+1. I played a Night Train at Guitar Center the other day and it was absolutely mind-blowing.

Pro tip: You can't really vary the gain on a Night Train, so to get your clean sounds you turn the volume knob down. It's really responsive to that. That's how it's designed to work.
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Keep your Vypyr.

It will be better suited to playing blues to metal at bedroom friendly volumes than any small gimmicky tube amp.

It would also allow you to play with other people and gigs without much hassle, unlike a low wattage tube amp.

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fender deluxe will give a decent blues sound and a pretty good metal sound with a pedal
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you can throw a pedal or two in front of the Blues Jr. and you'd get a tolerable metal tone.


I just bought a BOSS MT-2, and it sounds good with my BJ. I can also get a good Metallica tone or Satriani tone with it, and either the mt-2 or a md-2, along with my ibanez.
Listen to Tom. Save your money and keep the Vyper for now.
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Tom's a douche. Don't listen to a word he says.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
I agree with keeping the vypyr. Depending on the metal you're into, a Blues Junior is either not going to do it, or definitely won't do it.
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+1 on keeping the vyper thier decent amps espacily for metal. Plus keepin the vyper fits the broke college kid budget pretty damn well
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the only thing that would do blues really well and metal pretty decent (suprisingly) would be an Egnater Renegade. the metal takes a boost and a little bit of mojo, but you can get there. i had a renegade for quite a while, it was a great amp.
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