This won't really make sense unless you listen to the actual recording, but I posted the lyrics just in case you couldn't hear me or just like to follow along.

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corrupt cops popping
pills that they steal
from drug deals
initiated by themselves
while the town goes to hell
No one cares about each other
narcing on your baby brother
stealing from your dying mother
just so you can have another

it's utterly disguting
to me this type of people
they seem helplessly
addicted, why's their will so weak yo
I don't know and I don't care
Just remove their welfare
I'm tired of providing store food
for these lazy losers


you think you've seen hell
well then im gonna tell
ya about this place i live
called ravenswood

you can't walk down the streeets
without seeing
some fiendin
in this hell
called ravenswood

who runs the town?
We need to burn the ****er down
have you seen the clowns
that run


it blows my mind everytime
so much in fact i made this rhyme
if Id arrived back in time
and seen this side of the ohiiii
oh, it's be so low to let them know
the ways their kids would go
trading their souls
for pills and draino

It's so obvious the problems
lie with the cops, but the corruption
up in here son, aint nothin
so **** off
but the worst people always seem to get off
either by ratting out or ****ing sucking some ****
either or it happens often enough
to bring it up
im sorry if i just busted you officah
but ive had enough
it's time to do your ****ing job and quit slacking off