because Ohio sucks anyways.
I can't decide if this is supposed to be happy or sad

Sound waves push me into her
filling in the gaps left behind
by the back of my mind
teaching my feet to move
one step
two steps right
one step left
one step
two steps right
left foot down and spin her around

Let her dream on
lose her soul in the beat
and the music will make her feel just like me
Don't look
don't look at her
put your foot down until she turns around
one step
two steps closer
hold her tight and never meet her eyes
I like it.

I can't tell whether it should be happy or sad either, I would say it was definitely sad except for the line:

and the music will make her feel just like me

It seemed like the speaker was sad and just going through the motions to make her happy until that line. I guess it could be a bittersweet song, sort of like how Ohio is a bittersweet state.
I don't understand why you don't want to look at her.