Does anyone know where i could buy one? I dont have enough for a gibson and epiphone doesnt have too many different choices.
Tokai make one called the FB45
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^That ESP looks like it would be a nice guitar indeed, don't know how it sounds though...

In a (lot) more alternative choice, you have the new Fender BlackTop (Jaguar?) which is a good sounding guitar, altough the arm could be a bit better.
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Eastwood has a copy of a Non-Reverse Firebird with P-90's called the "Stormbird." The quality probably isn't the best but I'm personally a bit tickled about that one. Other than that there are good things to be heard about the Tokai and just how similar to the real thing it is.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U4itU8NLgY there's a demo of the Stormbird from Eastwood Guitars.
See if you can pick up a Gibson Firebird Studio second hand, they dont make them any more and you can pick them up for £450 in ok to bad condition or 799 or less for exellent condition
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