I keep getting divots in my callouses when I practice my acoustic. I'm already using extra light strings. It's making it hard for me to move at a good speed because the strings get stuck in the divots. Is there any way to get rid or this?
Play LOTS. I had the same issue and the problem resolved itself after about a year and a half. If you play a lot, your calluses will harden up. If you're really antsy, you can lightly take your fingertips across a medium to fine grit sandpaper before you go to sleep (I have never done this, but I've been told that it helps).

That's all I've got for you, buddy.
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ive got the same problem ive been practising for a month now almost two hours a night (some nights an hour) and the tips of my fingers are messed up theyre all scabby and hard where the skin has cracked and peeled gets stuck on the strings when im trying to change. also i get sweaty hands when i play added to the fact i live in a warm enviroment which right now is even warmer (going into summer) the phosphor from the strings is coming off onto my fingers ruining my strings right after i get a fresg set and also making my fingers stink of phosphor even after i wash them, when should this stop if it indeed does stop
Use an emory board on your calluses to smooth them out a bit, but don't take off too much. just enough to take off the dry flaky skin. Then just use regular hand lotion to stop the cracking... eventually they'll stop pitting and cracking if you keep up playing some every day...
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