So my freinds want me to write a bassline for a little rap video they're doing for school, and I decided to listen to some rap songs with good basslines to get an idea of what rap bass is like. The only problem is I never really listen to rap and have no idea where to start. Can anybody recommend some rap songs with good basslines?
The Collision Course album (Linkin Park feat. Jay-z) has alot of bass because it basically takes LP's songs and mixes it with Jay-z's.

Jigga What/Faint has a very good bass line in it:

Bassist close up at 0:08

If you google the tabs you should be able to find it. Songsterr has a perfect tab of the bass line.
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Look into some funk, mostly RHCP

Ya, but I'm looking for some more mellow, laid back basslines that they can rap over top of.
I think space is the most important thing for the most part. Of course there are exceptions, but play very tight, in the pocket sort of stuff.
Listen to some of Aesop Rock's stuff. The stuff he or Blockhead produces is almost has a great bass line.
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Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg and The Chronic by Dr. Dre both have some amazing bass lines in them. Listen to both of those albums and you should be ok
RHCP? Are you kidding me? He is looking for hip-hop bass styles, not a bunch of drugged up white jerk offs/

It isn't hip-hop, but check out some Parliament (probably about 1974-1979). They are funk, but they're sampled all the time. Funkadelic is good too, but they're more on the rock end of the spectrum.

There is a Common album called "Like Water for Chocolate" that has Pino Palladino playing bass on it, and if you youtube any of tracks it will give you a good idea of how live bass can be used in the genre (Thelonius and Funky for You have some really memorable lines on them).

There is a lot of great bass in hip hop that is sampled as well - I'd recommend checking out a track called "One Love" by Nas, and honestly, anything by A Tribe Called Quest.

I'm tellin' you, man, once you start listening to funk/sou/hip hop there is no turning back!

That is the strength of street knowledge!
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Oh yeah - straight up I agree with the dude above me talking about the Chronic and Doggystyle (Dr. Dre may be a sellout now but he really put out some quality shit back in the day. The Parliament influence is ALL OVER those albums and even the name of the rap subgenre the Chronic popularized is a tribute to P-Funk).
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Check out Bernie Edwards lines from some of the more popular Chic songs. God knows they've been sampled over and over by tonnes of rap artists.
don't sweat the technique by Erik b and rakim
gz and hustlaz by snoop dog
Lodi dodi by snoop
rest in piss by brotha lynch hung
**** wit dre day by dr dre
express yourself
gangstas paradise
today was good day
big poppa

primarily though check out stuff by chic, p-funk and the Isley brothers. the last three tunes I listed are all isley bros samples.

edit: sorry gangsters paradise was Stevie wonder I think
Pick me pick me.

Here are some real smooth basslines to some intense rap/flow

Westside Connection-Gangstas make the world go round 1996 I think(smooth Cali gangrap)
Ghetto Boys-The entire Resurrection album 1998 I believe. (hardcore Southern rap)
2pac-All eyez On Me album 1996 (West coast)
Warren G Regulate is cool too. I don't think funk really qualifies for the basslines, it was much more of a Soul/Gospel type groove. Especially the Southern rappers i.e; getto boys, swisha house
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I think a 5er with a low be would help your situation. Might i also suggest some ICP and a little afroman? I believe afroman has some live bass in his songs.
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yeah a 5er is a must in anything R&B, hip hop, soul or gospel these days
Listen to some D'Angelo, especially the Voodoo album. Pino has some slick lines on it.
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Try some De La Soul, "Ring Ring Ring" and "Keepin The Faith" are probably the best for bass. Well i enjoy playing them.
personally i'd go with forgot about dre for the best rap song bass line
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Tribe Called Quest was mentioned, but if you want something more like modern rap then you might wanna play something more like a Dr. Dre song. But as people were saying a lot of the best basslines in hip-hop came from old funk songs. Take a great funk bassline, play it slowed down and boom, you have hip-hop. The notes will fall into place you just have to find a beat or groove. I have a friend who likes to rap over Herbie Hancock's Chameleon. Look into the samples that are being used in whatever hip-hop you want to emulate and then you might be able to find a tab for the song that was sampled.

Try out: Paid in Full by Eric B. and Rakim. Very good rap bassline, my friends dig it.
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I can only think of one song in popular music, which would be Buzzin' by Mann (ft 50 Cent) - it's got a well cool little bassline in it.
Listen to Snoop Dogg.
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Dude, you should totally check out some Atmosphere!

I know the songs "Dreamer" and "The Waitress" from the album "When Life Gives You Lemons..." have pretty sweet basslines.
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