Hey UGers, if you're a guitarist in the Hartford area (or willing to make the trip), then perhaps we're a fit

Our current rhythm guitarist is leaving soon after he graduates to pursue a job in China. In the meantime he is still helping us write and play our shows, but it's time we start looking for his successor. We're right in the midst of writing a few originals for shows/our L.P, so you would definitely be a part of that. All styles/influences encouraged!

We're a mix between alternative rock vocals, with metal/hardcore instrumentals. But that can certainly vary. Feel free to check out our two tracks, one slower/melodic one, and a fast/heavy track.


We debuted about two weeks ago and are currently writing originals before we start playing out more. As well as work on getting merch, another photoshoot, and all that fun stuff. If interested let me know and we can talk more and I'll give some more details. Cheers!