I know that most buzzing comes from frets, but strangely it's coming from my bridge?!

When I play, you can hear this very loud, anoying buzz.

Here are some questions:

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Does anyone know how to prevent this?

And also, what's the point of buying fancy new bridges? Does it affect the sound or anything?

Thanks guys.
your wasting time trying to read this ^_^
What guitar are you using? What kind of bridge is it?
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It's a cheap squier with an ordinary strat bridge.
your wasting time trying to read this ^_^
1. I have experienced that but never on a strat
2. It is possible that it might be a loose pup or something. It might not be the bridge
3. A new bridge can greatly help your intonation
something either on the bridge or in the control cavity is loose. try to isolate exactly which piece buzzes by holding bits down with your finger one by one and playing the guitar. alot of times, the tolerances on cheaper guitars aren't great and screws will forever be loose. as long as it doesn't come through the amp, it really isnt a huge issue