OK so pretty much a friend of my uncles whom is single and lazy decided to give my his electric drum kit instead of selling because he couldn't be bothered. Anyway I was wondering its an Alesis DM5 which around 4 years old. Sometimes some of the pads just stop working and often after turning it off and on the signal level that each individual drum gives has changed. I was wondering is there any way for me to fix that or if not can I just buy other pads to use instead. And please dont tell me to just get an acoustic kit, I would if I could but I dont have the space, or the money
I'm pretty sure you can replace the pads, Alesis has some listed on their site which are supposed to work with the DM5... but, in the worst case scenario you could just hit on the pads without turning the kit on and it wouldn't really be much different...

Well, it's a thought.