guys, i use noise suppressor because of the big hum. my 1st problem is; i really can hear that hum sound in the background and it ruins my tone. the sound is simply hummy (lol what is hummy? whatever u got it) when i start to play (and yes, i dont hear any sound when i stop playing and touching strings with my palm) and the 2nd problem is when i stop playing, hum is coming for 2-3 seconds and it fades away (i mean 2-3 second is its fade away time) it doesnt cut instantly when i stop.

i have single coil pickups, boss noise suppressor and for some fx vox tonelab.
i think i couldn't state my problem clearly,

When i play, there is hum in the background. my guitar tone is not clear it is a mixture of hum and my guitar's sound.

Second one is when i stop playing hum doesn't cut instantly instead it fades away in 2-3 seconds.