I plugged in my Ibanez RG 120 the other day and the only thing that came out was a low pitch humming noise. Kind of like the sound made when you touch the tip of a cable plugged into an amp. I've tried replacing the output jack on the guitar, but that didn't work. If I move the cable near where it is plugged into the guitar the sound lessens and I can hear very very faintly what im playing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*Ive tested the cable and amp with my other guitar as well as my dads and their both good.*
Have you checked all solder joints on the volume pots and toggle switch?

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can you see if any wires are touching each other, and shouldn't be? It would probably be a hot and a ground wire.

Unscrew the jack plate and pull the jack out. See if you still get the sound while you move the jack around. Also, have a really close look at the jack and the plug from your cable. While the plug is inserted, make sure it's shaft isn't touching any bare part of the ground wire.

You may want to grab a multimeter and check the resistance of the volume pot. I'm pretty sure the pots in your guitar are 500k (it should be printed on the back of the pot). If the resistance reads anywhere from 450k-550k it's normal. But if it reads really low like 200k, 150k, 100k then it will need to be replaced.

It's more likely a wire crossed or a ground that has come loose. But you may want to check the resistance of the volume pot just to rule it out
I looked and all the wires seemed to be in place. I'll try checking the pots and get back to you.

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