Hi guys, im trying to record something using my electric-acoustic and was wondering if i should connect the guitar to my amp(roland cube 30x) then connect the amp to my laptop (macbook pro 13'') using the "recording out" port to my laptop's audio input/output


should i just connect my guitar directly to my laptop?

I'm gonna use Garageband to do the recording fyi.

Also, if i were to use my amp to connect to the laptop, should i be toggling the EQ/Volume settings on my guitar's preamp as opposed to the amp settings? Which one should take precedence first.. the amp settings or my guitar's preamp ?

My main concern would be the volume of my recording. I'm not sure which volume to adjust. The amp, my guitar's preamp or the garageband volume?

Thanks in advance!
all of them! you'll need to adjust all of them to get it sounding the way you want.

remember though, connecting to the audio in on the laptop isnt going to sound that great. you'll also need to turn off your speakers on the mac so you dont get feedback.

invest in a cheap audio interface like maudio and it will improve your garageband recordings tenfold.

also, remember gb has some not bad guitar amps in it so you can also get away without using your roland.
alright thanks!

but which would be more effective for my scenario, connecting the guitar directly to the laptop or going thru the amp first?