i just saw this amp brand called G-amp

the features look amazing for this price. 300 euros

power: 15W.
-input, clean channel (volume0, channel select switch, drive channel. (gain, volume)
-3 band EQ, bright switch, spring reverb, master volume.
-footswitch. (reverb/channel)
-output speaker socket. (8ohm/16ohm)
-effect loops. (return, send)
-vlaves: preamp 12AX7 x 3, power valve EL84 x 2.
-sizes: 42cm , 23cm , 24cm .
-weight: 10 kg.

it is a head only but beats anything like vox night train and orange tiny terror with features vs price.

anyone knows anything about it? the website says it's a relatively new brand and it's exclusive in the netherlands.
if you've ever heard about it or tried it, dont be shy to mention.

it seems as it also say E-wave on the control panel. dont know if that will ring a bell
and the site of e-waveamps.com seems to be down for me.
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