So, this band showed up on spotify this morning, described as swedish/danish power metal band.

so far its kinda like sonic syndicate with breakdowns. has anyone heard of them? couldnt find anything with a search (unless im being a tard)

Such is posting in Soviet Russia
That was awful, horrible chugging riffs with godawful synths, sugary pop melodies, generic "Hot" female vocalist, a few screams so 12 year olds can feel "Metal" and scare their grandparents, Do we really need another band like this?
I liked them and I liked them for quite some time. Although I wasn't particularly impressed with the video/single release of the song 'Hunger.' The demo sounded so much better. needless to say I'm looking forward to the release date of the album.

EDIT: Shit, released already. Gotta go.

Also, I'd say the band is MDM/Power Metal. Interestingly enough, the bassist, guitarist and drummer were all previously from MDM/Power metal bands.

Quote by Wikipedia on Olof Morck
Olof Mörck (born on December 12, 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a guitarist in the melodic death metal band Nightrage and guitarist of the power metal band Dragonland. Besides Marios, Olof is the longest running member of Nightrage. Recently Mörck provided two guitar solos for the album The Isolation Game by the Italian Melodic Death Metal band Disarmonia Mundi.

Mörck is also a member of power metal band Amaranthe (formerly known as Avalanche). They released their debut EP, Leave Everything Behind in 2009. In early 2011 they released the first single from their upcoming self-titled debut album which is entitled Hunger.

Can't find exclusive wiki articles for Johan Andreassen or Morten Lowe Sorensen but they play/ed for Engel and Mercenary respectively.

EDIT EDIT: Screw you all! This album is fantastic, I've listened to it twice.
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