So I traded in my Yamaha RBX 375 that was on it's last legs yesterday for a Squire Jazz 4 Standard. I've been in dire need of a 4 string so it was logical. I've been a hater of Fender bodies, but the tone I'm getting is amazing. So now I want a Jazz fiver to trade / replace my Ibanez SR405 QM. Anyone have the Active 5?

I play metal but the Jazz bass is giving me the sound I'm totally digging.
What I should ask is anyone using the Active 5 playing hard rock/heavy metal?
I had one as my second bass and its just brilliant, it was at its best playing metal! Both pickups on full, scoop the mids a little and use a pick, perfect.

Only two complaints, the ebanol fretboard stops being shiny after about a fortnight of playing and if you want to boost the treble then get ready for some serious hiss. Personally I would get some new pickups for one and add copper shielding, then you have a bass that rivals Fender.

(Also don't knock it over, the G tuner will snap off. )
I don't use much treble anyways. Not too worried about keeping it shiny either lol. It also seems to be a cheaper right to modify it and still cost less than a Fender, which over time I hope to get a MIA Jazz eventually.