Am considering getting an EG523 but don't know if I should spend the extra and get the cdx (honeyburst with a 3 pc back) cant find one in a store to hear the difference of course when you get into the $800 range it changes the game some cause I also love the Guild GAD-30 (blonde) Any ideas?
have you played the regular eg523? i found the unplugged tone of the standard blond model pretty meh - a hint of cardboardyness to the tone, and i played several at several stores. neither a sunburst nor a multi piece back nor a cutaway should affect a guitar's tone.

btw, the 523 has laminate back and sides, the GAD-30 is all solid with amazingly better tone. in fact, the GAD-30 is a really great sounding guitar. have you played one of these?
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I ve played the blonde 523 the sales guy said the 3pc back would help with bass response but when you compare it to the guild tone wise the guild eats it for lunch (really sweet looking too!!), I tried the Ej-200 and that was just flat no sparkel at all, I'm trying to find a Washburn Cumberland but having a hard time. I was hopeing to keep the price down as well but not having any luck there either, Cause if I get the Guild I have to have a p/u put in also. Don't mind me just rambling along.....