I was considering getting one of my guitars signed at some point and so I don't have to rush at the last minute. What are the best pens for signing guitars? And also, would I have to do anything to make sure it doesn't wear off?
I got myine signed with a sharpie but just spray a bit of laqueur in fine coats and it will be cool
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Pretty much as above, I got mine signed with a marker and then laqured over it
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I got a guitar signed with a sharpie too, but ran into a problem; I had left it out in the van I arrived in, and when I brought it in moisture started to condense on it and made the ink smear right away, and at times not take at all. So make sure you either A. bring it in before the show, or B. let it warm up and dry off for a while before you get it signed.
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