hey guys, I was bored and decided to cover this simple acoustic duo that me and my band play sometimes, except I just play the guitar tracks instead of sing lol. but none the less I attempted to sing it.. hopefully it doesn't hurt your ears too bad.

let me know what you all think!

Hey man it doesnt sound to bad from what I hear, it's just the quality you get from something like a point and shoot camera really isnt that great. BUT, it seems like you did a good job on the cover, I'm a fan of Hit The Lights, keep it up with the good music!

Let me know what you think of my cover of a Man Overboard song

I'm sure that sounds much better than what was recorded, the way it is it's not the best promotion of yourself though, why don't you do it again more clearly? I didn't know that song, it's cool!

Please check a punk cover I did of I will survive named I...won't survive.

I just don't seem to get people hear my covers, is there a way to make it work better? Do you know any other sites - if that is allowed?
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