I picked up a marshall mg cab that is missing one speaker for like 30 bucks from a friend. I have a new speaker, but i have no idea how to wire the thing, i have no prior experience in wiring any thing of this nature. i looked inside and the wires to hook on speaker are all detached. not sure how it happened. However, i was wondering if anyone could be very specific or provide a diagram showing me how to hook these speakers up so i dont blow up my head, or anyone elses if i try to sell it.
Are all the other wires hooked up?
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no, theyre all unhooked, the only wires that are hooked up are a red and black wire going to the input jack for the speaker cable
get another speaker. You could probably get another cheap marshall MG speaker (or a higher quality speaker) off ebay for cheap. you'd encounter less problems with what the resistance (ohms) will add up to in the end. Google series and parellel. Series basically means you add the ohm ratings together, and parellel would be multiplying and dividing the speaker ratings. check out this site to learn about it more. http://www.termpro.com/articles/spkrz.html

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