WOW, very pretty, nice playing and... WOW. Mic's peaking out in some places thou... Did you learn that by ear or off sheet music/tab?
I learned that from sheet music - an arrangement for violin.

Unfortunately, yeah the sound breaks up on the high's but, hopefully it is tolerable. That piece is long, intricate and difficult to get a completely flawless take on, unless you play it million times.
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I hear you buddy...

I am kinda of a perfectionist myself and it's pain in the ass to get the more 'complex' songs perfect..

But we try ;-)

I like your tone. although ease the reverb a tad down, cuz some of the pedal notes you were doing sounded kinda muddy.

And at some part it sounded like my speaker was about to blow up..

Respect for taking up such a piece and playing it WELL, and i think you deserve a youtube rating for it, so the first one is from me :-P

i remember you doing a castlevania cover (i could be mistaken) and you judged my still got the blues solo.

I did a new youtube version so mabye you could give some feedback on the new version ??


Cheers mate
really clean and tight, congratulations!! the only problem for ME was too much reverb, but it is still a really good sound. amazing string skipping there!

you can crit one of my covers if you want