Hello, first let me say I run a Studio, I have about 15 studio guitars that get played maybe 2-3 times every 6 months, but I am an engineer and synth player first, then a guitar player second. Now onward.

I have a Gibson 335, the Gibson case to me was flimsy so I bought an skb deluxe 35 case, well when I put the 335 in the SKB case the back of the neck doesn't actually touch the slots where the neck usually lays, it fits in the slots but the back of the neck doesn't touch the case by about a 1/16th of an inch, the case closes no problem, just with the neck not touching I was wondering if this could cause any damage to the guitar or the neck over time?

The only part of the neck that touches the case, at least when the case is open, is the top 2 tuners on the headstock, which I noticed last night have made indentions in the foam of the case where they lay, the body touches and fits nice and snug though.

Just a curious question because I don't want to damage this beauty. Also I don't store any of my guitars on their backs I store them on their sides!

Any help or opinions would be great