I'm looking at finally upgrading (after several false starts due to job loss) and was wondering when you upgraded did you get rid of your first decentyaxe. My first good one is an affinity tele. As bad as I hear people bashing them I must have gotten lucky because mine is wonderful. It plays like a dream and functions wonderfully. So did you sell your first favorite or keep it?
i keep my guitars, for the most part, you got the one you wanted for a reason. i know a guy who sells his for a new one everytime. just keep it, you can never have too many guitars
No, dude. You never, ever sell your first guitar. Well your first electric guitar anyways. Thats the the first guitar where you learned how to play Iron Man, and Smoke on the Water. The first guitar where you learned how to play sweep arpeggios and tapping. Your first guitar is always going to have a lot of memories (both good and bad).
I have sold every guitar I have ever owned except my Epiphone Explorer which was my first guitar.

I would have sold this too but it was a gift from my Grandmother and I could never let it go because of that and its my only musical possession I have any emotional attachment to.

Guitars are really just a tool to me at the end of the day.

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For a guitar player especially I think it's always important to have either a backup or a second guitar... I hear you guys in the lead section like to swap tunings and shit ... plus what the hell are you gonna do if your new guitar just doesn't cut it for a sound or something... then what malmsteemsolo said, sentimental value, there are just so many people going on about how they always seem to go back to their first guitar at some point.
Finally, it's probably going to be older than your new guitars right? It's already broken in and as you said it plays like a charm, why get rid of it and sell it to some kid who's gonna put 4 humbuckers in it crack to body to make it look cool, you see where I'm going .
Keep it
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What Tom said - but he's the ultimate gear slut

I have one guitar, my passive equipped EC-1000 that is my staple, go to guitar. I've sold 4 others I've owned, I just love playing that one, even more so than my EMG equipped EC-1000.
Actually I sold my first 3. My first was an absolute piece of the highest order, it was a spectrum. I used to work at Kohls so I got it for about $30. I traded it in and got a 7 stringed schecter which I also traded in (not at a huge profit thought) and got an epi les paul special II. I ended up getting the tele about 9 months later and took lessons on it and everything. The tele while not my first is the first one I've ever grown attached to. Also the lp special II got sold to help with an engagenent ring ($50 is better then nothing).
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By first I assume you mean your first decent guitar - not first because usually thats a Squire.

Your point being?
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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if you can keep it then yeah probably should. i don't have any of my original guitars (probably owned at least 50 different ones over the years). my first was a total piece of garbage that would make the cheapest first act seem like a custom shop. my first good guitar was a 70s ibanez strat copy and yeah i kinda wish i still had that. i always traded in my old guitar towards the new one (this was back in the late 70s thru say mid 80s). i try not to be to sentimental these days as the guitar i've had the longest at this point is only 3.5 years old.
I still have my first, and its also the only electric I've owned.
Would never sell it, due to the fact I'm so comfortable playing it.

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i still have my first two guitar and i don';t think i'll be selling any time soon. i probably will upgrade my electric but not sell it.
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No, I haven't sold my first guitar. I hope I never have to.

My first guitar was actually a used MIJ Squier Hank Marvin Stratocaster (which was a fantastic guitar, believe it or not). It really needed a refret when I was 15, and the guy I had to the work did an absolutely terrible job. I asked for tall, round frets and for him not to touch the neck lacquer. What I got were small, square frets and he lacquered over the whole neck (without stripping the original lacquer) with a thick, glossy laquer that your hands can't help but stick to. He ruined my guitar, and charged me for it. I was disgusted.

Since then, I've bought a few other guitars. I have an Ibanez JEM7VWH, an American Standard Strat, a Charvel San Dimas and I also bought another Squier Hank Marvin Stratocaster (which I hoped would be stock, but it's been refretted and the neck has been relaquered).

At the moment, my first guitar is with a luthier who'll be stripping the neck lacquer, refretting with the fret wire I want and installing a Callaham bridge (and some other parts). I'm really looking forward to getting it back.
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I've yet to sell a guitar I've bought. My first guitar is my Schecter Tempest which will never leave my possession. I paid £230 for it and to me it stacks up against 90% of guitars in the sub £700 bracket. It's got PRS Dragon II pickups in it, and has been completely rewired, as well as having a fret dress not so long ago.

It's an amazing guitar I love everything about it, apart from it having a bolt on neck (it doesn't suit the body IMO)
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Why are most people missing the title? Its "First Favorite". In response to that, I haven't sold my favorites and don't expect to soon. I like them too much right now. Besides, I have at least four other guitars I wouldn't mind selling first.
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I sold my first guitar (Epiphone Standard in sunburst) because I had the chance to get my hands on a PRS SE Custom 22. It's the best guitar I've ever played. I don't regret selling the Epi, but I don't see myself selling my PRS.
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I sold my first. It was a Squier....I will never in my life buy another squier
I still have my second, it's an Epi lp100 (still crappy, but still beats the squier imo), though I dont really play on keeping it forever
and my what's currently my main guitar: an Epi Les Paul Studio. its still not amazing, but im only 17 and a lazy ass, and it gets the job done. I consider this to be my first "good" guitar, and the one ill probably hold onto for as long as i can
I'm keeping my cheap Ibanez gio that I started with, I like the sound and it seems like the tremolo actually stays in tune pretty well for a cheap one, plus I kind of like the look of an aged strat style guitar. I also doubt it would be worth selling because it's a cheap guitar and the finish is already starting to wear out in some spots.
I just got an Agile AL-2000, wihch I don't think I'll ever sell. If it starts to get beat up, maybe it'll be a studio only guitar. Upgrade the pup's, get rid of the rattle, and its great.

But truely my first guitar is my Starcaster by Fender acoustic guitar. I swear I gots the best one. I love it to death, even though they have bad reputations.

i sold mine to upgrade. i did not, nor do i still have the money to just buy a new guitar, i have to sell something, add a little to it, and upgrade. over time, now i have a decent lineup. had i not sold my first, i would not have the gear i have now which i absolutely love. it sucks, but i had to.
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