I recently installed an emg 85 in my dean and it sounds awesome when I'm playing metal but when I go to do my cleans it sounds gritty and some what distorted almost like the sounds not coming all the way through. I'm just wondering if this is normal for an emg.
I may be completely off the wrong foot here, but this seems to be a recurring problem (the downside, if you will) with actives. I guess they have such a high output, it kind of forces you to roll off the volume a bit.
Mines super clean and smooth *shrugs*.
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The only way I could get real good cleans when I had EMG's was to roll back the volume
the battery is going is it?
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Yes like others have said, the volume knob is your friend. Its normal for cleans to sound this way with high output pick ups like EMG actives.
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i disagree 100% about the volume thing... I NEVER turn my volume down at all, i leave it cranked at 10. And ALL of my emg sets have sounded like this

My guitar volume is almost always at max. I have EMG's 81/85.
Gets perfect cleans, through a tube amp!
My amp(1977 Ampeg VT-40) has a switch that can do 0dB, -6dB and -9dB to compensate for active pickups. I have mine set at -9dB.
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^i think you guys are probably forgetting that different amps are... you know... different

some amps will be able to handle the extra output of active pickups, others will not. if you're getting clipping from actives on the clean channel, rolling back the volume should clean it up. or you could try using the "lo" input if your amp has "hi" and "lo" inputs.
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Yeah, cleans are beautiful fully cranked with EMGs.
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I have a SS amp and i need to roll back that volume, but its sounds loverly when you do.
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Check the gain settings on your amp, I dunno....

Could be your pots or wiring. I'd just take it to a shop.
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Check the battery of your pickups. The volume has nothing to do. Low voltage will impact on the sound.

This thread is 6 years old man.
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