hey i just got a new bridge for my ec-1000 measured out the intonation to the bridge on my schecter an somehow got it perfect

now im having a problem with bad fret buzz on 7-13 but most notable an severe on 7-9

the neck did have some bow forward an i adjusted it and it got rid of it being completely unplayed but now its just really annoying, sometimes it doesnt sound through when playing especially distorted but it comes off and on

how high should my action be and what should i do, keep adjusting the truss rod? im stuck
you made your neck too flat, to the point that its bowing back slightly is what it sounds like.

to be honest, I would take it to a tech and let him set it up perfectly once and then do maintenance yourself
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k, give me the money and ill do it

in that case, read the sticky on how to set-up a guitar. it is necessary to have a degree of neck relief, which based on your description, you don't have