Hi ...

and wow ... what a mess ...

sorry but who has recorded/mixed this ??

you are very talented for sure and everything i CAN hear is played tight ... but the most i hear is drums fizzy guitars and vox

the music seems to be a little like a kse goes mathcore

your guitar sound is cruel ... realy fizzy sorry but that is a lot toooooo much gain

it sounds like you're compressed to death ... there is not much left from your music ... i think everything is played very good and tight ... but it is quiet impossible to make out the different instruments ... why the hell did you do this ??

anyway ... though the sound is realy realy destroyin your talent and the quality of your playin ... the song seems realy to be good and top notch songwritin

it s realy a shame ... but this is much to much to much compression, gain, the guitars sound like recorded line in ... and the bass is just somethin like a freq ... only the bass drums, leads and the vox are transparent enough ... i think there was a cranked up bus compressor that destroyed everything

songwriting, playin VERY VERY GOOD
recording, mixin VERY VERY BAD

and sy for the hard words but i am a little angry cause i cannot listen to the song as i want though i think i would realy like it

for c4c here is mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433421

Make a new mix and get rid of the f***in bus compressor

Greatz M
hey thank you for the honest critique. I agree with your statements about the mix. We recorded that track for free at a community college with students. Next recording we'll have a better sound going for sure. Thanks for the comments on the songwriting and playing.

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