Hey guys, 2 questions,
1st- I am having a problem with fret hand muting. I understand the principle , but can't seem to train my 1st finger to be lazy. I'm shure this is something I would have picked up had I actually gotten lessons instead of being hard headed. How can I help train my fretting hand to mute higher strings? Are there some specific exercizes for that sort of thing?
2nd-For you guys that have been playing awhile. When I learn parts of solo's, it takes me awhile to build up the musle memory for alot of different combinations. After alot of years, does that go away?? Or does it simply take alot less time to get the fingering down? I guess what I'm asking is do your fingers learn faster over time?
As always thanks for any tips and advice..
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For muting the higher strings I'd say practice playing powerchords first, with the index finger muting the G, B and E strings.. After that I don't know, just play songs and scales while concentrating on muting with it?

For the second question, every time you learn a new combination you will have that somehow imprinted in your memory so yes it will get easier to get the fingerings down on most songs.
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1) Just play at a really slow metronome at carefully look at your fretting hand.. gradually increase the tempo and after some point it will happen spontaneously, you will not realize you are even muting

2) Of course Most of the solos are written in various musical keys and even if you don't learn the theory you will get if after playing some solos.. Also, about the muscle memory, if mostly depends on the music you are playing for example if you play iron maiden solos they mostly have same style fingering, so after a while your fingers will get used to do same fingerings.. So basically answer to your question is YES

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