Ok I now have guitar rig 4 and im trying to get an Alesis Guitar Link cable to work with it.I cannot get audio when I start playing the guitar through the speakers but i see a bar moving on guitar rig 4 which i am pretty sure it means its detecting it but the audio is not coming out the speakers any help would be appreciated.
Fire it up in standalone mode, look at File -> Audio Preferences/Options. Make sure the input matches the Alesis ASIO driver and output matches whatever your speakers are plugged into. Also, set latency to around 512ms as a starting point. Reduce it if your system can handle it.

Back in GR's main window, make sure the "L" and "R" are lite up. Disable whichever isn't recieving any audio.

If your "Alesis guitar link" has its own headphones output, I highly recommend you use that.
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I don't have GR4 but it sounds like you don't have the output in the program set right. The programs I use do the same thing unless I go into options/preferences and setup the output to be my computer speakers.