Here's the story.
So i finally got my Marshall JMD1 50watt combo today after 2 months of waiting...
And after about 20 minutes of playing around with it, it died on me.
Power is still on, tubes seem to work since both still glow, but there is no sound anymore.
I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what could be the issue? I'm taking it back tomorrow since it's still in warranty obviously...but they usually don't say much about what was wrong, and i'm really interested.
I did all things right...power on...wait about 2 minutes for tubes to warm up and then get it off standby...
Max Volume was 5 when i played....

Tnx for any replies.
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was there any sound at all?

are all the tubes seated? what tubes does it have exactly?

are you sure the speaker(s) is connected?

what sound does it make if any? could be a fuse
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i think the problem is that it's a jmd:1

unfortunately it's half solid state so only marshall knows whats going on in there.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
no sound coming out at all....no noise...nothing...ye i'm hoping for the fuse, but u can't access it right away from the back, and i don't want to open the thing just yet since it's not even a day old...so i'll let the guys at the shop look at it...

sound just went off mid playing...nothing special...just went to absolute quiet immediately.

Dunno what ppl have against the JMD1....

and ye..speaker is plugged in, and valves are: 2xEL34
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ye..as said...it was working lovely for the first 20 minutes...then in the middle of my playing it just went quiet.

And tubes are power ye.

was looking on other forums if it is a regular problem but didn't find any reports of it just yet, so probbably just some bad luck.

And i'm sure the tubes are seated well since they both warm up at start and start glowing.
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