Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Signature V. Brand new with hardshell case. I am asking 800.00 OBO. Please text or call at 318-334-1136. Name is Travis. If i don't answer please leave a message, I work alot. If you want any more pictures. Just ask. Will trade, for alot of things. Preferably a Jackson RR1 or matt tuck signature,soloist, a gibson les paul. (CUSTOM ONLY) all kinds just ask.
A really nice guitar to be trading it off like this!

What did you not like about it to decide to sell it?
Quote by Travisixshot
I don't like the fact I have a signature guitar. It just seems odd to me.

Also seems a bit odd when you're trading for a Randy Rhoads or a Matt Tuck signature guitar Hmmm..! me thinks something is a bit fishy
Randy Rhoads isn't really a signature guitar. Its used by everybody, RR were made after Randy's death he never actually got to use one. As for a Matt Tuck, Its basically a RR1 with a reverse headstock and a cheap ass price tag. If it seems fishy to you dont offer me anything lol. I have already sold my old Edwards on here too.
Ill explain it better. This guitar screams "I AM A SIGNATURE FROM DAVE MUSTAINE" I do not like that. I bought it because i got in INCREDIBLE deal on it from a friend and just couldnt pass it up. I mean it literally says his name 4 times on it.
Its not fishy at all, stop being childish guys. The guy doesn't like his guitar and wants to move on... whats so hard to understand about that?

Travis, I'm currently wanting to trade and sell some of my own stuff to buy a Rust In Peace V... if the other guy sells it before I'm able to buy it, I'll hit you up.

Nope, its a Jackson PS-3. I still have it but it has been sold, it has a cool sticker checker pattern