Hi just got into a new band and we are playing heavier stuff than im used to like Emmure and Parkway Drive kind of stuff and because my bass is set up for standard tuning im going to borrow my mates 5 string. Basically what I want to know is if its possible to tune it into drop B and A# so , drop the lowest B string and tune the others up? Or is this going to cause harm to my bass?

Thanks for any help thats offered
it shouldnt. just make sure you get lighter strings and a proper setup. i would stay closer to A# instead of B. that way you only have to tune up the higher strings a half step. I used to p;ay bass for a metal band in A# and I used a 5 string

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on the one hand, you could do that, but on the other, you could just tune to B standard or A# standard, because it's not as important to have that perfect fifth interval between the two low strings on a bass, because you're not quickly grinding power chords the way you would on guitar. for example, Origin usually play in drop B, but Mike Flores plays in B standard with a 5 string. you could tune up, but the strings would be tighter, and it could make it a bit harder to play if it is strung with heavier strings. so lighter strings and proper setup are a must. although i know that All Shall Perish tunes their 7 string guitars up to drop B, i'd assume the bassist does the same, though i'm not entirely sure, he might just play standard.
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Wait a minute let me see if I get this straight.

You want to take a 5 string bass, which is typically tuned BEADG and drop tune it to B.

That makes no sense.
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I've done it with my seven string guitar. The bassist in my band tunes up to Drop C with his five string. It works fine
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Well Spaz91 thats the kind of tuning you want for that kind of genre.... and Alucard817 its drop B i want not standard 5 string tuning. Ok what I think I will do is get some lighter strings and tune up but I will look into the A# and B standard tunings also. Thanks alot guys