So which guitar cables are good quality these days.... i ain't ever considered cables being important to quality of sound but my cables are 4 years old and the slightest touch on them gives off a massive noise so i think they are broke inside a bit.

Any suggestions on good quality guitar cable brands?
i use monster cables, theyre really good. theyre a little expensive, but they have a lifetime warranty and they will replace any broken cable for free, for life.
Monster is great but ya pretty expensive =/ I use Livewire. Great sound and also a lifetime warranty. Basically as long as it has a lifetime warranty then it's pretty good.
I use the Planet Waves cables. Good quality for a good price. They also have lifelong warrenty.
I've always had good luck with livewire. My friend swears by monster cables though. I like both of them.
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I've been using Planet Waves for years and never had any problems. They're pretty affordable. I've never tried expensive cables like Lava or Vovox, though, so I probably don't know what I'm missing.