How me and ym band start the ball rolling is we will play a song we all know and just have our guitarist break into improved solos wich helps us warm up.
Then we will go away and come up with some riffs spend a bit of time editing then bring back add some drum beats the bassist tags along and then our sing just starts singing and finding lyrics that work and we keep doing that. Anyone else want to share how they do it?
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Ill usually construct a storyline or theme for the lyrics.
Second, I will come up with an exact chord progression that allows me to improvise vocal melodies with abnormal scales and tonalities.

Depending on what I'm writing, I will then create lead guitar and bass parts, then plug all that info into Tux Guitar and Audacity. I may construct a drum line for the song, but a lot of times I will not, unless I'm working on metal.
The other guitarist and I will hang and come up with a cool riff and make a basic song structure. Then we'll give it to the drummer and the bassist to see what they can add to it. After that, one of us guitarists might add a solo somewhere, and then we'll let our singer add lyrics.

1. Something dope hits me
2. Months later, something dope hits me
3. If the dopenesses are relevant, than they become one.
4. Elaborate.
5. Write my guitar in guitar pro
6. Write my guitarist's guitar in guitar pro
7. Write my bassist's bass part in guitar pro
8. Write my drummer's part in guitar pro
9. Profit.