I just recently learned how to play Holy Wars and while listening to the bass track on youtube i realised how intensely awesome his tone is.

So i was wondering if anyone could tell me which effects or pedals and whatnot that he was using for that song/album.
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none. straight up emg pj balls is where his tone comes from
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Rump, a P-bass delivers a rump in the sound such that, similar to the rump on an African American woman, it is the highlight of the tone.
The only effect he has ever used is a chorus, which he used on 'dawn patrol' 'five magics' and the intro to 'poison was the cure'
His tone comes mostly from his amp and his EMG pickups. He recorded the Rust In Peace album using a Gallien-Krueger 800rb into an old Hartke 410 cab with aluminum speakers. On the reunion tour he is using Hartke HyDrive amps/cabs.

He has EMGs in almost all his basses. If you really want his tone, set ur amp for a scooped mid tone with some good treble bite and throw some EMGs in ur bass. I have his signature Peavey bass and they come with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups and they provide a pretty close tone Ellefsons so if you dont want to get active pickups, those would be a good alternative.