Hey guys,

I have been looking at a couple of amp kits that I found on the internet and this one right here kind of stuck out.
Some reviewers say that the quality of the components are top notch and that the sound of this clone is far superior to the reissues that are produced today.
Seeing as I have heard a lot of bad things about the Reissue series, I kind of wondered if anyone has any thoughts on the kit and if one would be able to build an equal amp with it.
The transformers are costum made in the United States and the speaker is not included in the package.

If these kits are legit I would be hard pressed not to build one.
I can't read any of it, but it certainly looks decent enough. You have to keep in mind, any kit you build will be a hand wired, point to point build, so you're already one up on most production amps. I'd ask what brand switches, pots, caps etc they use and if everything sounds legit, I see no reason not to go for it.
TAD has great products. I use their EL84 tubes from time to time and they are top notch. I've never heard anything bad about them.
I have actually read a lot of reviews on their products and many of them say that they come close to the vintage amps.

Orange Drop caps
carbon composition resistors
cloth-covered wire

As far as my information go, all components are as close to the original as possible.