Hey guys, I currently own a Epiphone ED-100, I have had it in my possession for the past ten years but previously it was my sisters and she got it when she was ten, shes now thirty. So I've had the guitar for twenty years, and recently it seems as if it has lost it's tone, and I am looking to buy a new guitar. I have a budget of $400, I know you get what you pay for in the guitar world, but I'm on a short budget.

I happened to be looking at a Luna Fauna Dolphin , I like their guitars, but nowhere local has one to where I can test out the sound and feel it. If anyone can either tell me how these guitars sound and feel (which I know feeling is personal preference but it'd help hearing how other people like it) that would be highly appreciated. Or if anyone can tell me another guitar for a price around $400.

Things I like:
Folk Style Guitars
Good sound
Price from xxx-$400 (Maybe a little more)
Preferably acoustic-electric

I play a lot of Jack Johnson style music, but some Folk stuff like The Tallest Man on Earth.

-Kenny Erdmann