As i started practicing and used my wah pedal, it lost some volume when halfway down, and when the pedal is all the way day the volume comes back. Is it as simple as changing the 9v battery, or do i have to replace it? I just realized that i ran out of 9v batteries and now i have to go out and buy some . I have a Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah pedal. This is the only effect i have and my amp is a Fender Super Champ XD.
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If the volume changes as you move the wah pedal with your foot, it is a capacitor or inductor that has lost contact. Instead of being a filter, it is now just a volume control.
Newer Morley wahs are optical wahs. They don't have inductors, they use an LED shining through a slotted metal plate to a light sensor.