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230 25%
Only decriminalized
106 11%
233 25%
Hell no!
359 39%
Voters: 929.
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Heroin and it's prohibition is a bit of a passion of mine, and I was wondering what the general opinion was in the Pit.

Edit: This thread is not about pot legalization, so try not to have a discussion about it. There have already been 1,000 threads about that and 2,000 innocent threads hijacked for that purpose. This thread is about smack.
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Absolutely not.
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Are you kidding me? No.
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That stuff seriously messes people up, from what I hear. I think pot being legalized would be a good thing(and a healthy stimulant to our government funding if it was taxed a little bit)

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I dont know. What would be the pros of legalizing it?

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that's just about as logical as making ethanol legal to drink.

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No. But if someone else wants to do it's not my business. But yea pot on the other hand.....

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In the UK I think something like 70% of adults want weed legalised. Although it goes to show just how poor a democracy we live in when the vast majority support something and it doesn't happen, most people who support weed legalisation should really take it one step further and apply it to all drugs. There are a whole bunch of reasons for this which I will now list:

1)Regulation. Illegal drugs are cut with all kinds of shit. Legalised drugs would be regulated and so wouldn't be full of crap. This makes them much, much safer for use. The impurities in drugs are harmful and cause (extra) damage. Varying levels of concentration are also to blame for lots of OD's.
2)Tax. Speaks for itself. Alcohol and tobacco more than make up in tax revenue what they cost the NHS. Something like ?2 billion a year in cost, ?6 billion a year in tax revenue. There is no reason why illegal drugs would be different.
3)Saves money. The War on Drugs is astronomically expensive and the police can focus time, money and effort on catching real criminals rather than pursuing addicts.
4)There is no reason to believe it will increase the number of users. In the UK when weed was re-classified to C instead of B, the number of users fell from 11% to 8%. In Holland, weed usage fell after its decriminalisation. In Geneva a test program where heroin users were given safe drugs and a place to do it in caused the number of new users to fall by 80%. If you ask someone why they don't do crack it's usually because they don't want to be a crackhead, not because the police might lock them up.
5)Lowers crime. I don't just mean drug possession/dealing. Drug dealing gangs are responsible for huge amounts of crime. Cutting out a major source of their income will cut crime.
6)Drug barons go bust/legit. Drug barons aren't nice people. This would put the money into the hands of CEO's instead. Not a huge improvement I must say but most CEO's aren't quite as bad as drug barons. Either that or drug barons will go legit. Not an ideal solution but still cuts crime.
7)Free up prison space. The UK prison system is dangerously overcrowded and the less said about the size of the US prison system the better. Suffice to say that there will be far more room in prisons when we stop locking people up for having an addiction.
8)Hypocrisy. There is no reason why tobacco and alcohol should be legal and acceptable and other drugs shouldn't be. Far more people are killed by those two. Far more violence is caused by alcohol. Etc etc. It doesn't make sense and tradition is not a reason for anything.
9)Cheaper. If drugs are legal then they'd be cheaper (even when taxed). This would mean that drug addicts wouldn't have to steal (or would have to steal less) to obtain drugs. Lots of crime is caused by this and getting rid of it sounds good.
10)People will be less afraid of getting help for their addictions and will make it easier for people to get into rehab or whatever. As it stands, it's kind of awkward given the illegal status of drugs. It's easier to quit tobacco and alcohol because you can get lots of help from the NHS and lots of other charities. Illegal drugs don't have this.
11)Freedom. Even without the other 10 reasons (which IMO are more than enough to warrant legalisation) I would still advocate legalisation for the very simple reason that it is the not the government's place to tell me what I can do to myself for my own enjoyment. I can slice a razorblade across my arm, why I can't I stick a syringe full of heroin in? It seems ridiculous that there are actually chemicals which are banned. A somewhat backwards view for the 21st century.

There might be a couple of other reasons I've left out/forgotten, I'll stick them on if I remember. Sorry it's a bit late JD, I was savagely ill yesterday and couldn't put it up.
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If nothing else, it should be legal to stop the mexican drug cartel business in the U.S.
nah b
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It should be decriminalized because jail =/= rehab
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I'm pretty libertarian when it comes to drug use, but I have trouble with heroin. Absolutely no good comes from it.
Disappointed and surprised in the first replies to this thread.

Yes. I'd explain why but they're all somewhere in the Meths list posted earlier.
probably not. However, are more people dying from using, or the process of getting it in to the US and selling it. Alot of people would probably OD though
If you're a druggy then yes, you may think so. But, if you think so, you're ****in' dumb!!
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I'm in two minds over this.

people should be able to have control over their own body. If they want to damage it with smoking or alcohol or harder drugs, that's up to them. The addictive nature of the drug is a concern but nicotine is addictive. Not to mention that a large portion of the danger with these drugs are the impurities and the varying strengths. If it were legalised, presumably these would be regulated and health affects could be minimised. With proper education and health care provisions (which could be paid for by taxing the drug itself) I think the impact would be minimal.

But then you have the situation whereby you're giving companies a reason to push the drug and we should all know how successful some companies are at creating a market where one didn't or shouldn't exist. But then it takes money away from organised crime by undercutting them at every turn and providing a better quality item for a lower price.

I can't make up my mind.

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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
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Disappointed and surprised in the first replies to this thread.

Yes. I'd explain why but they're all somewhere in the Meths list posted earlier.

Same. I just wrote yeah because i thought it were pointless.

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The one drug that even Lemmy is opposed to.

If murder became legal I assure you that crimes of murder would also drop 100%
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I don't see why not.
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While reading an article in Social Problems they talked about how weed was legalized in Amsterdam and it was a success because it was a more relaxed drug and less bullshit came with it (addictiveness, mood swings, etc)

They showed how Switzerland or Austria legalized heroin to cut down on drug trade and everyone started shooting up in the middle of the streets. It also had a lot more problems than good solutions so it failed miserably.

Can't provide a link since google is bringing up like 10,000 articles about other shit.

but yeah...

Weed: sure, if they tax the hell out of it like ciggies
Coke: see the 1980s and get back to me.
Heroin: Hells No
All drugs should be.
Opiates and opioids aren't inherently too detrimental to ones health. Used in their purest form, in moderation...they have strong medicinal qualities. What fucks people up is the fact they're highly illegal and need to be sneaked around, cut with god knows what (brick dust, rat poison etc etc) and there are no real guidelines on how to use these drugs because no one apart from the shady guy in the dark alley, off his tits on whatever he can put in his veins will give you any advice on such a taboo subject.
Just legalise everything, increase revenue, give good advice to anyone wanting to get into them, buy pure forms over counters, control it to **** and remove the taboo over the whole deal.
I'm sure I'll have everyone picking holes in me now, but whatever.
I'd probably say stay illegal just because of the danger to the users and how addictive it is, it really poses no threat to others.
Like most drugs the only danger with them is the "business" part of it. It's hard to say if crime would go down if it was legal, but even if it was legal I highly doubt more people would use it. I sure wouldn't go shoot up heroin just because I was allowed lol, I'd hope the majority of society is the same way.
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If you're a druggy then yes, you may think so. But, if you think so, you're ****in' dumb!!

hur hur hur i meak argument

There's no good reason to make heroin illegal, and it's not an ethically sound policy in the first place.

Time to sit back and watch the majority of the pit make ignorant statements. It's already started!
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Sure, why not. I still won't do it because I saw trainspotting and that other movie where the dude ends up w/no arm.
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