I have a max budget of $400, but I'd like to keep it lower if possible. I want it to be big enough to jam with a drummer, but not too loud since it's generally going to be used for bedroom practice. I play almost everything but really heavy metal. The guitar I'll be playing with the amp is a 52 Tele reissue.

Any advice?
I read that as "I play everything except really heavy metal"......I think if it was just occasional metal the C30 would do fine anyway, I've heard reasonable heavy clips of boosted C30s. Anyway that's the one I'd rather have, if you can try both side by side and see which you prefer that would be good.
Thanks. I will never really need to be able to play metal, but it would be cool to be able to get a Plug in Baby-like tone. Usually I'm playing music by bands like Television, Phoenix, and Radiohead. I'll see if I can play the C30 and Valveking next time I go to GC.