I have an Epiphone sg g-400. I would like to trade in for a fender strat (mexican). Thoughts? Any other guitars I should look in to? Also, how much do you think my guitar is worth. It is in great condition.
The SG and Strat are worth about the same new. IMO they'll both work excellently for garage music; it just depends on whether you prefer an SG vs. a Strat sound. Check out a Fender Telecaster, too, and an Epiphone Dot; they both have that brash, cutting sound that fits well into a garage-rock mix (the Tele has very hot single-coil pickups, and the Dot has an all-maple body, both of which supply a really powerful sound). If you really like the Strat feel, look into a Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster, too. It sounds kind of like an SG and a Strat put together.
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I like my sg I just don't think it has that strokes/ferdinand/monkeys sound I'm looking for. Any cool strats you like (in my price range)? Might look into the Jazzmaster.
If you have a bright enough amp, you can get a much more jangly sound out of those humbuckers. Certainly won't be single coils, but with enough tweaking with my amp, I decided I didn't need a Stratocaster.
Try the Fender blacktop jaguar. The short scale length is fantastic, and I can get good garage rock tones out of it.
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Get something with P-90 pickups. I think strat-type of single coils might be a little too thin for what you like. P-90s bridge the gap between single coils and humbuckers tone-wise. I have a Gretsch Pro Jet modded with P-90s that I use to play the kind of stuff you mentioned. I don't use my Strat for that because the pickups output isn't quite hot enough, but my Les Paul is too hot. The Gretsch with P-90s splits the difference perfectly for that bright, raw, jangly sound.
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Rondo has some cheap neck through les paul jr. style guitars, I'd look at those, used danelectros, or a telecaster, I have a MIM tele I made into an esquire with a texas special bridge pickup, it's great.
I feel like the obligatory to anything even close to punk or alternative is "anything". Amp probably matters more, but even then, levels of gain/distortion are most likely able to be achieved decently...

Have you tried to do what you want with this current guitar and just think another would be better suited, or are you just wondering?